(For your pleasure, Morgan Freeman was hired to narrate my bio to you. Be aware of this as you read).

Hello there!  I am Morgan Freeman. Yes, the real Morgan Freeman. Yes, that dude that was in Bruce Almighty… and Batman. No, I didn’t do Lion King. That was James Earl Jones. I’m sure it wasn’t me.

Today, I would be talking to you about an interesting young lady whose work I believe you would come to appreciate. Her name is Amanda Iheme (It is pronounced E-HAY-MAY). Amanda Iheme is a simple creature who loves Jane Austen, and  Adventure Time.

‘Hello!’ :) <— That’s me.

By birth, she is Nigerian but by association, she is Nigerian-Ghanaian-Indian-Chinese-Korean-English-Irish. (And Welsh too, Morgan. You forgot Welsh). And Welsh. She is addicted to chewing ice-cubes and can break into a dance at any moment especially in elevators.

For her, photography is a COLOURFUL ADVENTURE! It drags her out of her comfort zone creatively and she is honoured that she gets to share it with you, the guests on her website and her clients. If you find her work as interesting as I do and would love to work with her in the future, you can send her a message through the contact page. I look forward to reading your mails.

Thank you all for listening.

This is Morgan Freeman signing out. Peace!