Amanda Iheme (pronounced E-HAY-MAY) is a Nigerian architecture photographer living and working in Lagos, Nigeria. Her works explore the themes of history, truths, emotions and spirituality in relation to buildings and spaces.

Group Exhibitions

2018, Lagos Photo Festival: Time Has Gone; The Way of Life

2018, Tiwan Tiwa; Casa De Fernandez from The Way of Life

Presentation of Lagos+Water via Makoko for 2018 Open House Lagos.

The theme for OHL 2018 was ‘Amphibious Lagos: Water and The City’, and for this event six designers and a photographer were asked to each speak for 7 minutes on a single project that they had designed within this scope.

We spoke for more than 7 minutes.

Interview with Bantu Photos talking about my work as a photographer and why I focus on architecture at the Lagos Photo Festival 2017.